The orgional building of the Hipodrome was built by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus in 203 AD when he rebuilt Byzantium.Contstantine the Great reconctructed,enlarged and adorned it with beatiful Works which were brought from diffirent places of Roman Empire when he chose Byzantium as his new capital.The hippeodrom was 117 m/384 ft wide and 480 m 1575 ft long with capacity of 100.000 spectators.Chariots drawn by either 2 or 4 horses raced here representing one of the four faction divided among the people.Each faction was represented by a color.Later on these four colors were united in two colors;the Blues and Greens.The blues were upper and middle classes,orthodox in religion and concervative in politics.One of these political divisions ended with a revolt which caused the death of 30.000 people.